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I’ll admit it, the title is misleading, only because I’m not “Itunes Official” but my close friend, M.A.C.B., an independent rap artist is. What a huge step for him and his team, even me, because now we can push more forward to getting positive music and videos out to the world.

His first single “Thoughts Of Pain” is now available for purchase at a reasonable price: 99 cents.

Here is my honest and personal review on his first single:

“A Turning For Hip-Hop

Many rap/hip-hop artists seem to be releasing music that has that catchy hook, chorus and beat to only stay hot for a few weeks until a new catchy song takes over. It’s a never ending cycle. When songs like “I Just Had Sex feat. Akon” are released; I lose hope in rap music. More than half that is coming out is trash. What happened to the love for the art? It took me many years to get into rap because most of it was either about cars, girls, sex or drug use. I want to be spiritually reached when it comes to music. Honestly, the only rap artists left that are in the game for me are Mike Shinoda, Eminem and Lupe Fiasco.

M.A.C.B. has managed to send a spiritual message through this song without preaching to you directly, or perhaps you just might not know it while listening to this song. He loves music. Profit is the last thing on his mind. He makes music based on how he is feeling, not based on what’s hot at the moment. A lot of people don’t know it but Hip-Hop is on hiatus and artists such as M.A.C.B. are set out to bring life back to the game. “Thoughts of Pain” will NOT disappoint. Support an Independent artist who truly loves music for what it is and wants to send out more positive and meaningful music to the world.”

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Thoughts of Pain




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