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A Thousand Suns really didn’t get the positive acclaim that it should have received, which by the way is one of my favorite albums OF ALL TIME. With that said, LIVING THINGS deserves “Album of the Year”. The band did a phenomenal job mixing their sound from Hybrid Theory to A Thousand Suns. A great example is LOST IN THE ECHO, which includes the greatest rap performance in Mike Shinoda’s career. Like it or not, LOST IN THE ECHO is the new Papercut, and I cannot wait to hear it performed live.

What I love most about the album is trying to figure out what each track means and what story is being told. And yes, I did download the album leak and fail to complete the “Living Things Release Day Challenge”. However, it was worth it, because I spent the next 8 days deciphering the music. I also purchased the album on iTunes.

The track I find most interesting and probably the best on the album is CASTLE OF GLASS, only because it may be their most personal track ever produced. “I’m only a crack in this castle of glass” is basically saying they are being unnoticed when they really want to be. It’s definitely a problem we all face everyday. Brilliantly written and produced.

I am also having a great time learning the lyrics and performing the tracks with Mike’s rapping. I haven’t had this much fun listening to a Linkin Park album…ever.

At first I did have my doubts about the album because topping A Thousand Suns was going to be challenging for them, but they succeeded and surpassed my expectations.

Linkin Park are easily the greatest band working in the music industry today, and their music gives me the drive to pursue my dreams as a filmmaker and music producer. The day they stop making music is the day I stop producing.

With my friend’s album, “Year Zero: A Moment In Time” by M.A.C.B. dropping in a couple of weeks, LIVING THINGS and his album are definitely going to be blasting in my car for the rest of 2012.

Linkin Park (or Mike Shinoda), if you are reading this….THANK YOU for creating LIVING THINGS. This is exactly what I need in my life right now.

I will always support and respect the decisions you make as band. Keep making kick ass music.


9/10 Stars


Purchase LIVING THINGS here.



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On Friday (the 21st) I attended an album listening party for the release of my friend’s album, Sessions In Flight.

The turn out went great and a lot of people showed up, I think more than any of us thought would attend.

Here’s a video of the event that I put together to help promote R.E.A.L. Music and Andrea’s music.

If you don’t like this kind of music yourself, I encourage you to show her album to people who do and their purchases will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Please share the video link and the other links in the description box.


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Last weekend my crew and I were fortunate enough to capture these three rehearse their music before a night performance downtown.

I really love how it shows freedom, happiness, and great friendship. They love what they do and it shows, they’re also very good at music making.

Add R.E.A.L. Music on their Facebook page.

Download their latest singles, too:

Go To Work

Thoughts of Pain

Enjoy the video:


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I’ll admit it, the title is misleading, only because I’m not “Itunes Official” but my close friend, M.A.C.B., an independent rap artist is. What a huge step for him and his team, even me, because now we can push more forward to getting positive music and videos out to the world.

His first single “Thoughts Of Pain” is now available for purchase at a reasonable price: 99 cents.

Here is my honest and personal review on his first single:

“A Turning For Hip-Hop

Many rap/hip-hop artists seem to be releasing music that has that catchy hook, chorus and beat to only stay hot for a few weeks until a new catchy song takes over. It’s a never ending cycle. When songs like “I Just Had Sex feat. Akon” are released; I lose hope in rap music. More than half that is coming out is trash. What happened to the love for the art? It took me many years to get into rap because most of it was either about cars, girls, sex or drug use. I want to be spiritually reached when it comes to music. Honestly, the only rap artists left that are in the game for me are Mike Shinoda, Eminem and Lupe Fiasco.

M.A.C.B. has managed to send a spiritual message through this song without preaching to you directly, or perhaps you just might not know it while listening to this song. He loves music. Profit is the last thing on his mind. He makes music based on how he is feeling, not based on what’s hot at the moment. A lot of people don’t know it but Hip-Hop is on hiatus and artists such as M.A.C.B. are set out to bring life back to the game. “Thoughts of Pain” will NOT disappoint. Support an Independent artist who truly loves music for what it is and wants to send out more positive and meaningful music to the world.”

Please rate and leave a review of your thoughts on the song.

Thoughts of Pain



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