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On Friday (the 21st) I attended an album listening party for the release of my friend’s album, Sessions In Flight.

The turn out went great and a lot of people showed up, I think more than any of us thought would attend.

Here’s a video of the event that I put together to help promote R.E.A.L. Music and Andrea’s music.

If you don’t like this kind of music yourself, I encourage you to show her album to people who do and their purchases will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Please share the video link and the other links in the description box.



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Last weekend my crew and I were fortunate enough to capture these three rehearse their music before a night performance downtown.

I really love how it shows freedom, happiness, and great friendship. They love what they do and it shows, they’re also very good at music making.

Add R.E.A.L. Music on their Facebook page.

Download their latest singles, too:

Go To Work

Thoughts of Pain

Enjoy the video:


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