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Let me begin by saying there is a lot of garbage being passed as “music” today, more often than ever, and honestly it makes me angry. As much as I want to point out those so called “music artists”, I’m not going to because my goal is to have you purchase YEAR ZERO once you’re done reading this.

YEAR ZERO is now my second favorite rap album of all time, right behind Mike Shinoda’s, THE RISING TIED. There are very few albums I can listen to entirely, without skips, and escape for a little bit. I look for albums that give a 3D feel and sound, which YEAR ZERO definitely provides.

YEAR ZERO starts off with a 3 and a half minute skit, setting up for the journey that’s about to be brought.

On the first track, MACB is driving to work at the last minute and it’s raining, so he decides to turn on the radio. Every station is playing mainstream garbage, but when he finally finds a station that plays real music, it changes back to the garbage music on its own. Out of frustration, he begins to fidget with the radio and then suddenly gets into an accident. He eventually wakes up in the hospital, with no recollection of what happened. “Welcome to Year Zero” echoes off into the second track, but hold on tight, because it’s one hell of a journey. And he doesn’t dumb down anything, so you either catch up, or fall behind.

The best track on this album is THOUGHTS OF PAIN, which I must add has been played on my iPad more than 3500 times the last year and a half. It’s also on my top 5 favorite rap songs of all time.

I don’t think the people (my friends) who rapped, sang, produced and mixed THOUGHTS OF PAIN will ever know how important that track is to me. It literally SAVED MY LIFE when I was going through the most depressing time in my life last year. Perfect and flawless are the best words I can choose to describe the track. Definitely check it out.

YEAR ZERO is a very entertaining album, with very little flaws, and delivers stronger than most albums today. Still not convinced? You soon will be.

Now, the track that makes this album is definitely, PICTURE WILL NEVER CHANGE. 5 rappers, a great beat, a great hook and LOTS of energy. What’s not to like?

The concept of PICTURE WILL NEVER CHANGE is the artists (MACB, Krysis, Vocabulous, DCypher, and TRI) will never change who they are, even for “million dollar checks”. Many artists sellout for money and fame, and forget who they truly are. We can’t be lured in by those types of materials. If you can change ONE life with your music/video/writing, that’s more valuable than money and fame.

I also must add that I’m going to be the first person to memorize every single word for PICTURE WILL NEVER CHANGE, and probably perform it for my friends that appeared on the track. I love music that inspires me to rap along with it.

This album is so diverse, from comical skits to emotional tracks, to punch you in the face type of tracks. This will please anyone who loves music. I don’t think I will be able to date a girl who doesn’t like this album. I would literally walk away and pretend I never met her. That’s how much I love this album.

YEAR ZERO brings a new approach to Hiphop music with its fantastic storytelling abilities. The voice acting for the skits is comical like I said before and the messages within them definitely “get straight to the point”.

YEAR ZERO is physical proof to why Michael MACB Bender is my second favorite rapper of all time, right behind Mike Shinoda, who stands in first place.

Purchase YEAR ZERO right here, and give 56 minutes of your time, because good music deserves all the attention it can get.


Every track on this album is bad ass. JUST BUY IT.

9/10 Stars



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